Our Impact in India

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Emilie Compignie, in charge of Development, talks about the success of Humanium’s first projects in India, where she measured the impact almost 10 years after their launch.       Sankarapuram Sankarapuram was the first village that Humanium and Hand in Hand supported in Tamil Nadu in 2009.   The Child Learning Centre was then […]

Humanium’s Child-Friendly Village Project

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Our Child-Friendly Village project aims to transform Perumbakkam by fostering a healthy environment conducive to children’s physical, mental and intellectual development. Our project is located in Tamil Nadu in southern India. The population in this region especially suffers from poverty, malnutrition, limited access to medical care, drinking water and the lack of healthcare. Traditional agriculture […]

‘We’re proud of our wives’

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Nowadays, men in the Indian village of Annathur take pride in their wives. They now view them with trust and gratitude. Whilst families used to be dependent on men earning a living, meaning that more often than not children were left hungry, a professional training programme and the establishment of businesses supported by Humanium have […]

Sashila, the Happy Dressmaker

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Sashila lives in the village of Annathur, India. With Humanium’s support, she has become a dressmaker, and is continuing to actively develop her trade. Sashila is also improving her quality of life. For example, she’s had toilets installed in her house, which means her children no longer have to be afraid of tripping over snakes […]