Ranjitha : An Icon of Women Empowerment

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“I am Ranjitha, age 34, wife of a stonecutter residing at Sankarapuram village (India). Since I am a poor, I felt that I do not have any new hope for my life. But [the sustainable development project for the village of Sankarapuram] answered my unanswered questions.”

“I became a member of Saraswathi self-help group working in my village. There I received different types of trainings like Self Help Group concept, Entrepreneurial Development Training, Promotion of Family-based Enterprises, personal hygiene, human rights, etc.

These trainings motivated me to start a new small enterprise. Hence, I started a Tiffin (food) Centre with the help of a loan amount of Rs.5000. Now I am preparing and selling snacks and food items to my village people.

Everyday I am earning from Rs. 75 to Rs. 150 per day. In festival time, my sales will go up Rs.300. My family members are also supporting me in this business. Hence, I am very happy and confident now.

Apart from this, I was able to get water tap connection in my house through a water connection loan (Rs.3000/-). This helps me not to waste my time waiting for hours standing in queue at public taps.”

Ranjitha is grateful, she thanks Humanium and its local operational partners to give her “a new hope in my life.”