Villagers fight against plastic

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The streets of Annathur, a village in India, are now maintained and clean. The result is one of several outcomes of our global project to help improve living conditions.

Before Humanium’s intervention, nearly all of the plastic used by the village ended up in nature.

Although organic waste decomposes naturally, this is not the case for plastic waste. At the present time, plastic waste represents most of the waste in the villages of India. Virtually no living organism is able to degrade plastic, of which the durability is also a problem.

Nonetheless, the problem of plastic is also one of education. Organizing the clean up, the sorting, and the collection of waste in a way that supports the autonomy of the villagers is one of our objectives in our environmental program.

The villagers of Annathur are now aware of the need to keep their village clean, and are particularly proud of the result. The village clean up was organized regularly by women’s groups, and waste collection bins have thus been set up in the village.

Support other villages in the fight against plastic! 80 EUR / 100 CHF is enough to organize an awareness campaign in a village. Please make a donation.