Vijayakanth can finish his studies

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Vijayakanth comes from the village of Rajampet in India.  He did not attend school for many years and could not make up what he missed in public school.

He was enrolled in a bridge school specially adapted to allow him to pass his certificate of secondary studies and enroll in a polytechnic program in school.

After 2 years of study in mechanical engineering, Vijayakanth needed help to finance his last year of study. Despite the support of his parents, their extreme poverty did not allow them to finance his education costs.

Like many other students his age, Vijayakanth has the abilities and the motivation to pursue his studies, but does not have sufficient resources.

o Humanium has developed an aid program for higher education to allow Vijayakanth to finish his studies and receive his diploma.

To support this program and come to the aid of youth in difficulty, you can :
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> sponsor a child