Virtual Gala Dinner with Humanium

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Today it is very easy to imagine that we can do shopping or any research online, but it is slightly more difficult to image that we can also organize and attend dinners in the same way. However, yes, it is possible. And not just any dinners, but gala dinners whose aim is to bring people together and collect funds and resources for a common humanitarian cause. We live in a magical digital time so why not take the most out of it while doing common good.


Non-profit organizations are recognizing virtual fundraising

“Many non-profits are testing this tried and true event in the virtual space“ (JTG Fundraising, 2014). They are trying to find new and eventful ways to realize their goals while avoiding having to find the right venue at the right price to host the traditional gala dinner. People are already keen on making donations online, so why not take their donations a step further and experience a new way of fundraising. It becomes even more comfortable when we take into consideration that the donors are nowadays also more and more young people and that they are more keen on participating in virtual events.

The impact that the virtual fundraising has is quite surprising. Recently, the virtual events have become some of the most prominent mass participation events in general. “Fundraising events in which people participate digitally rather than in person have entered the list of the top 25 highest-earning mass-participation events for the first time” (Cooney, 2017).


Virtual fundraising goes better with busy work schedules

Beth Masino, special events and community outreach manager for Seafarers’ House in Fort Lauderdale which provides refuge and services to mariners has experience in an online fundraiser, as she organised a Couch Potato Ball in May 2013. She emphasizes that people want to support a cause such as theirs, without necessarily wanting to go out another Saturday night. (Miller, 2014). Considering individuals’ busy schedules, digital fundraising takes less of their time. Virtual donations have not yet managed to replace the “traditional“ fundraising, but they are a good and refreshing innovation.


What is Humanium’s Virtual Gala Dinner?

Virtual Gala Dinner with Humanium is a fun and eventful way of helping Humanium realize its goals on raising awareness about children’s rights everywhere and to everyone. It is an online public entertainment and fundraising event marking the celebration of International Children’s Day, on 20 November 2017. Therefore, from 16 until 20 November, our kind-hearted supporters, volunteers, donors, sponsors, team and board members will become hosts of a dinner at their home to which they will kindly invite their friends, family and colleagues.

Online, hosts will create a table on Humanium’s platform and invite guests to join the dinner. The guests will then attend the dinner in exchange for a donation for a seat, a donation that will help Humanium achieve the well-being of children worldwide, improvement of their living conditions and the awareness raising about their fundamental rights. While enjoying dinner and spending a lovely evening with family and friends, the hosts and their guests are making a significant contribution to Humanium and thus our goals become yours.


It is an evening full of fun

During the dinner evening, it is all about entertainment and having fun! All dinners can be connected creating a big welcoming Humanium family. Participation in Facebook Live broadcasts and sharing pictures on our social media is another fun part of the evening. We want to show the world what we can do with a couple of right ingredients and a pinch of good will!


Join us!

Virtual fundraising means finding new ways to achieve social good. And Virtual Gala Dinner with Humanium is an active and rewarding way to do so. If you are interested in putting a smile on children’s face while enjoying dinner and quality time with your dear ones, go to our online platform and register as 1 of our Virtual Gala hosts! We hope to see you there as welcoming hosts, and we thank you in advance for your kind will and your participation in this important and fun project!


Written by: Ivana Kaćunko
Proofread by : Saurabh Kumar & Arndt Soret



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