Project for sustainable development

Azakusamudram village, India.

Dates : 2010 – 2012 (2 years)


The village of Azakusamudram is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, in south-eastern India. Azakusamudram is a Panchâyat, a political local authority comprising two hamlets. There are 770 inhabitants spread between 176 families. Their main source of income comes from agriculture.

Fundamental needs in health and education have been identified. Many villagers have health problems and not all children go to school. People need training and more resources in order to increase their income potential. The village doesn’t have any rubbish bins or recycling equipment, which is also another health hazard. Finally, villagers have no information concerning basic health and hygiene principles, neither are they aware of the rights they are entitled to. On their appeal, Humanium and its partners offer their support and commitment so as to reduce poverty and ensure the villagers’ rights become a reality.


Make the Rights of the Child a reality and improve the living conditions of the villagers in the long term.

  • Ensure lasting, long-term primary school education for all the children in the village ;
  • reduce malnutrition and guarantee a rich and balanced diet ;
  • improve health and hygiene, and reduce infant mortality ;
  • reduce extreme poverty and provide a stable revenue for each family ;
  • teach adults to read and provide professional training, especially for women ;
  • promote gender equality and the autonomy of women ;
  • make respect for Human Rights a reality ;
  • preserve the environment and reduce the effects of pollution ;
  • improve local governance and promote participation in the democratic process ;
  • reduce the digital divide, and ensure access to information and communication ;
  • promote peace and mutual aid within the community.


The approach of the project is global and aims at dealing with all the causes of the problems, systematically integrating the priorities and needs of the beneficiaries. This project brings together the strength of seven development programs focused on : Education, Health, Microfinance, Human Rights, Environment, Citizenship and Peace.

The project will be carried out over a period of 24 months, beyond which the village will continue its own autonomous and independent development.

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