Another victory in the village of Azakusamudram!

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In Azakusamudram, a project for improving the living conditions of the villagers is coming to a close. It has taken two years to achieve the desired objectives and bring about real transformations. The project was a great success! This project addressed the needs of the Azakusamudram villagers by working on the major problems encountered by […]

Summer Camps for Children

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Children in Azakusamudram, India, had the opportunity to attend summer camps, because of our projects to improve living conditions. These camps aim to allow children to blossom through creative and athletic activities, which are essential to their individual emotional development. They explored workshops in drawing, dance, writing, and other activities with joy and enthusiasm. These […]

Health Awareness Paintings in Azakusamudram, India

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The villagers of Azakusamudram, a small village in the south east of India which is being supported by Humanium, have been made aware of the basic principles of hygiene and health. Murals have been painted to highlight the importance of the basic principles of hygiene and health to the villagers. These paintings focus on the […]

Thanks to child sponsorship…

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Today, thanks to the support of our sponsors, Humanium has been able to develop several projects providing aid to three villages in south-eastern India.  Through its global approach combining different programmes in education, health, microfinance, human rights, the environment, democracy, and citizenship, Humanium has succeeded in making children’s rights a reality for those families, their […]

All children go to school

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Child labour in Azakusamudram, a village in South-East India, is now only a distant memory! Child labour has been eradicated in the village of Azakusamudram thanks to 29 interventions by educators, social activists and social workers. Awareness meetings and events with children and parents has led to a collective and long-lasting awareness within the community. […]

Academic Support Centre

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An academic support centre was opened in Azakusamudram, India. The creation of academic support centres is one of the activities of Humanium’s Education Programme . These centres aim to help children improve their level of education and complete their homework. Particular attention is paid to children whose parents can’t read or write. Children receive individual […]

Veterinary Camps

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1’912 animals were treated in the last two veterinary camps in Azakusamudram, South-East India. In order to ensure the good health of livestock, and allow their proper growth, two veterinary camps have already been held at the Azakusamudram village, where Humanium supports a global project for sustainable development. The animals are a source of milk, […]

Village child care center opening

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The child care center in the village of Azakusamudram in southeastern India has been entirely renovated thanks to Humanium’s support. Previously, the premises housing the child care center were dilapidated and hardly suitable to welcome children. Equipment was practically nonexistent, the children sat on the concrete floor, dishes were not washed, there was no water […]

46 family businesses already established

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Women entrepreneurs are very active in the village of Azakusamudram in India, where Humanium operates. The microfinance program in place has already led to the creation of 46 family businesses during the first 6 months of the global project for supporting sustainable development in the village. These initial results are very encouraging because they demonstrate […]