Health and hygiene awareness

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In order to improve the health and hygiene of the community, Humanium regularly holds medical camps in Sankarapuram, and educates the villagers on health problems specific to rural living.

Two medical camps have already been set up in Sankarapuram, benefiting more than 300 inhabitants. These camps are run by qualified doctors and nurses, who provide both general care and specialised treatment (optical, dental, blood counts, pre- and postnatal care).

These camps are aimed primarily at women and children, the object being to reduce the problems of malnutrition and infant mortality. Children suffering from malnutrition benefit from a nutrition program and receive dietary supplements to suit their needs. Sathyia, a young mother of 23, was able to appreciate the benefits of this program when her daughter of 18 months, after only two months, regained a normal weight.

In addition to the medical camps, Humanium also conducts awareness campaigns on themes specific to rural life: anaemia, malnutrition, clean and safe drinking water, pre- and postnatal care. Information is also provided on the means of access to the sanitary and hygiene facilities set up by the government, which in turn allow an access to long-term medical care.

Wall paintings with messages about health and hygiene were put up in the village for permanent access to information