Humanium nutrition program

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In order to fight under-feeding and malnutrition, Humanium has implemented a nutrition program based on mothers’ awareness of feeding practices and children’s health recovery.

Thanks to this program, Sankarapuram malnourished children get food supplements. These ready- to- use food supplements are mainly composed of local seeds which have high nutritive value at low cost.
To make up for vitamin A deficiency many children suffer from, Humanium offers people mango trees whose fruits are full of vitamins.

Humanium nutrition program is also based on mothers’ awareness of best nutrition practices. For that purpose, information stalls are regularly set up within the village. Mothers are taught how to prepare well balanced meals which provide the essential vitamins and nutriments to their children’s growth.

Nowadays, most Sankarapuram’s children have reached “normal” weights. They benefit from a well balanced diet and can develop properly.

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