A project to improve living conditions of children and villagers of Eappakkam, India

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Humanium responds to the village’s call for help by implementing a 24-month global project, which will then enable the village to continue to develop independently.

The situation of the children of Eappakkam, India is of great concern : malnutrition affects nearly half the children under five years old, placing their lives in danger.

Access to education remains a problem, as most families do not have the means to send their children to school. Furthermore, the village school lacks supplies and there are not enough teachers. As for the nursery, the conditions are unsanitary.

The daily life of the women in the village is also very difficult, for they are subjected to violence and discrimination. Half of the women cannot read or write.

The majority of the villagers live on less than two dollars per day. Agriculture and livestock farming make up more than 70% of the villagers’ activities, but access to land and investments remain insufficient to meet their needs.

In order to achieve optimal results, the Humanium project combines five complementary support programs (Education, Health, Microfinance, Citizenship and Environment). This global approach aspires to respond and address the many causes of the problems faced by the villagers, by systematically integrating the priorities and needs of its beneficiaries.

You, too, can radically change the future of these women and children.

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