New project in the village of Azakusamudram

Posted on Posted in Citizenship, Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Microfinance, Peace

Humanium helps the villagers of Azakusamudram, in the Southeast of India, with a new global project centred on mutual aid and sustainable development.

During 24 months, Humanium and its local partners are going to support the village of Azakusamudram by displaying 7 additional programs of support in Education, Health, Microfinance, Human Rights, Environment, Citizenship and Peace.

The main objective of this project is to concretize the rights of the children and to allow the community of villagers to earn a living and to develop in an autonomous way.

Azakusamudram is a poor village of the State of Tamil Nadu, in the South of India. The agriculture is the main activity of this village of 770 inhabitants. Important needs were identified in terms of health and education. Not all the children go to school. The villagers need training and resources to develop additional income. They don’t have access to the information relative to hygiene, environmental protection, or to their rights.

The needs of the community are important, and it is possible to develop the autonomy of the villagers with our global approach of development aid. Thus, Humanium and its partners work in close collaboration with the local authorities and the villagers, to reduce poverty and concretize the rights of the villagers.