Raising awareness of the negative effects of child labour

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India is the biggest child labour market in the world. 60 million children under 14 work, 10 million of whom in a state of servitude. To eradicate this plague durably, Humanium organizes awareness campaigns to inform parents of the negative consequences of child labour.

Poverty is the main reason for child labour. In underprivileged families, children have no choice but to work to provide for themselves and their relatives. They represent a docile, cheap labour force for many areas of activity such as agriculture, brickyards or even factories.

Working conditions are very hard and prevent them from having a real childhood. The numerous negative effects on their health hinder their both physical and intellectual development. They cannot go to school and consequently do not have the same chances and opportunities as all the other children. Those young people are destined to become illiterate adults who will not have the means to provide for their children, who will in turn have to work.

In partnership with the Committee on the Rights of the Child of Sankarapuram, Humanium raises awareness of the negative effects of child labour, through briefing sessions chiefly meant for mothers. It lays stress on the importance of education and the necessity of finding durable alternatives to child labour, thus contributing to putting an end to the vicious circle of poverty.

Thanks to Humanium’s campaigns, all the children in the village of Sankarapuram can now attend school and the village was declared free from child labour.