Another victory in the village of Azakusamudram!

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In Azakusamudram, a project for improving the living conditions of the villagers is coming to a close. It has taken two years to achieve the desired objectives and bring about real transformations. The project was a great success!

This project addressed the needs of the Azakusamudram villagers by working on the major problems encountered by the community.

In addition to the results of each of the 5 action programs implemented (education, microfinance, health, citizenship, and environment), a real synergy has been created for attaining several long lasting objectives, such as the elimination of child labor, the improvement of the education system, the socio-economic development of women, the development of income generating activities, the practice of good personal hygiene, good governance, and protection of the environment.

The village now has “child friendly” status, referencing the great effort made to protect their rights and abolish child labor.

The entire community now lives in a clean environment where the economic dynamic allows households to guarantee regular income. Their everyday life has improved thanks to many of the project’s qualitative impacts. The project represents a major success, and the villagers are capable of demonstrating the benefits that they have gained from it.

The village is pursuing its own autonomous development. For this reason consolidation activities have been ended shortly before the finalisation of the project.

Humanium and the Azakusamudram villagers thank everyone who has supported them in successfully completing this project.

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