A great success with our Annathur project !

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In 2010 Humanium launched a project to improve the living conditions of the people of Annathur, a village in the Southeast of India. After two years of work, the initiative has met all the villagers’ expectations. Humanium is proud to present the results!

Over the course of two years, the quality of life of the inhabitants hasvastly improved. In order to achieve the defined objectives, five programmes were implemented, focusing on education, microfinance, health, citizenship and the environment.

Numerous interventions and awareness campaigns have enabled essential principles to become embedded in the town, most notably in relation to nutrition, health and hygiene, and also in relation to child protection, natural resource management and respect of the environment. In addition to this, the Citizens’ Centre and the various committees have facilitated real access to information and to varying modes of communication. The people of the village not only know their rights, but also know the different government programmes from which they can benefit.

The improvements made have been remarkable and the village people’s future prospects have greatly improved.

Thanks to the consolidation process conducted before the end of the project, progress continues to be made via the charitable structure and through the village’s Development Committee, which guarantees the continuity and sustainability of the project.

On behalf of the people of Annathur, Humanium would like to thank you for your support and for your continued interest in our programmes. Thank you!

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