Kill because of Differences or Create because of Community?

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The World Day of Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development.

The World Day of Cultural Diversity, for Dialogue and Development, is an annual UNESCO action day that takes place on the 21st May.


Why is Celebrating Cultural Diversity Important?

Nowadays, living in a world that moves so fast and alongside people from every corner of the globe, communicating with each other and exchanging information is key as it helps us understand different points of view that emerge from cultural diversity. These different views lead us to find better solutions to problematic situations in the world; solutions that can further help every individual as well as humanity as a whole.


The Majority of Conflicts in the World Derive From a Fictional Picturing of an “Enemy”

The UN has written the following about the action day: Three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. Bridging the gap between cultures is urgent and necessary for peace, stability and development.

Cultural diversity is a driving force of development, not only with respect to economic growth but also as a means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life (United Nations, 2019).

When we support cultural diversity, we stop the conflict against each other and begin working together. Skin colour, gender, religion, nationality, tribe or caste, there are countless differences that have been the cause of conflict for millennia. Why? Because the other is other to me. Because I don’t understand him. Because the ‘us’ is easier to understand than ‘those over there’. Belonging to a group strengthens the ego – and egos rule the world, don’t they?

When we change perception of humanity and when we understand that everyone of us is important and right for this world, we can resolve conflict.  When we begin talking together and not over each other, much is already won. What do you say to that?


When Children Know Their Cultural Roots, They Can Stand Up for Their Right to Life

With the World Day for cultural diversity, we support a development that recognises human rights, reduces poverty and sees each individual’s right of personal development as driving the growth of a healthy society. The World Day for cultural diversity stands for the goals of Humanium. Our Chairperson Arndt Soret says:  

“Cultural development is important, because culture is integration. Children are vulnerable When you know your cultural roots, you are better able to integrate and develop an understanding consciousness and awareness of who are are. This is why the world day of cultural diversity is so important for Humanium as advocates of children’s rights.

At our workshops in Rwanda, we work together with children on the realisation of their dreams; they want to become engineers, doctors, traders or simply Superwoman.  Give them a pen and paper and you already have a team of doctors or “Avengers” who are able to graphically work on their development steps. Everything is possible – how wonderful! These pictures help us as coaches and social workers, to make the future potential of the children understandable for their families. We are also there to ensure that the drawings do not remain utopias. In Rwanda we are in the process of developing culturally universal integration projects within the education sector, for example a collaboration with the University of Arts and Social Sciences. Such projects also strengthen the peace process. In India, in the schools we operate, the pupils soak up the history and culture of their land like air; they are the best Yogis, the most amazing dancers and they laugh lots along with it, and they have fun being part of this tradition. This positive energy spreads out, to heal wounds, both historical and cultural.”


Written by Andrea Goffart
Translated by Jacob Davies
Proofread by Charlotte Madrangeas



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