The ‘black hole’ of child abduction: Japan’s child custody laws

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Japan is one of the only countries in the world that protects and maintains a sole custody system (Cosier & Grant, 2022). As a result, national laws in the East Asian country fail to comprehensively protect the rights of both parents through divorce and marital separation. In the wake of increasing cross-cultural and cross-national marriages […]

Iran’s deliberate poisoning of schoolgirls

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Poisoning cases in Iranian schools have been a recurring problem, and the recent targeted chemical attacks against girls’ schools have made the situation even more dire. Since the initial incident of schoolgirls being poisoned in Qom in November 2022, there has been a concerning increase in similar incidents reported in schools throughout the state. The […]

The deportation and forcible transfer of Ukrainian children

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The current situation in Ukraine has sent the entire international community into a tizzy. Within more than a year, NGOs, UN bodies, and the international press were able to document an increasing number of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law. One of the allegations that strongly resonates nowadays is the deportation and […]

Shortcoming of the Belgian State towards refugee and migrant children

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Around the world, many people flee the dangers and the lack of opportunities in their home countries and arrive in European countries looking for a better and safer life. Refugees and migrants reaching Belgium face numerous challenges, including living in detention centers. Because they are placed in detention centres or reception centres, their children are […]

Iceland’s investment in children’s future development and wellbeing

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There is a large body of literature outlining arguments on why it is rational to invest in children. Many of these arguments are intuitively appealing or based on moralistic arguments, referring to human rights in general and children’s rights in particular. Other arguments provide summaries of fragmentary evidence on the impact of investments made in […]

Recommendation on Roma Youth Participation: a step forward for Roma children and youth

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On 5 April 2023, the Committee of Ministers adopted a new Recommendation to the 46 Member States of the Council of Europe to ensure substantive participation, representation and inclusion of Roma youth in all spheres of society and decision-making processes, and well as to combat structural racism. This is an important step forward for Roma […]

An ethnic elimination in China: the abhorrent fate of the Uyghur children

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Continuously outcasted due to their ethnicity and religion, the Uyghurs are now being heavily monitored, forcibly detained, mistreated, tortured and persecuted on the simple account that they belong to a Muslim minority in China. One of the most vulnerable victims of China’s enacted ethnic violence is the Uyghur children. Separated from their families and relatives, […]

Hidden struggles: the surprising mental health crisis among Japan’s youth

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The youth in Japan has been experiencing mental health struggles due to academic pressure, social norms, bullying, and a lack of independence. Moreover, Japan also faces a concerning trend with increasing suicide rates among those under 20. Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding mental health in Japan and a cultural reluctance to seek help only exacerbate the […]

Tackling the issues of violence against children by their step-parents

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Child abuse is a pervasive global issue, with estimated millions of children experiencing abuse in their homes, schools, or communities. Research suggests that children living in stepfamilies are particularly vulnerable to violence due to the challenges of forming strong emotional bonds with non-biological family members. To prevent the severe physical and mental health consequences of […]