The Year to End Child Labour

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The International Labour Organization (ILO) has marked 2021 as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, with the aim of encouraging legislative and policy action that would eradicate the scourge of child labour worldwide. However, unless appropriate mechanisms are designed to mitigate the decline in child labour wages, a ban on child labour […]

Child Malnutrition in India – An Issue in Need of Eradication

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Malnutrition amongst children under the age of five is a doorway to a life landmarked with cognitive and physical setbacks. With words like ‘consumerism’ and ‘food surplus’ headlining the world today, high levels of malnutrition shine light on the harsh truth of inequality, lack of access and poverty that continue to affect the lives of […]

Menstrual Stigma and Chhaupadi Practices

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In a school in Gujarat’s Bhuj, India, 70 students were forced by their principals to remove their undergarments in order to continue their education. Why? Because they had to prove that they were not menstruating. This did not occur last decade or last year, it happened in early 2020. (SheThePeople, 2020) Although many countries and […]

The Situation of Children in Morocco: Between Progress and Challenges

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In May 2020, UNICEF Morocco released an update on the situation of children in Morocco. This report is not only interesting in terms of its content but also in terms of its structure. Although focused on Morocco, the advice can be applied to other contexts, as can the methodology used to analyse the situation. An […]

Child Labor in India

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What is the first thing you think about when someone mentions India? The beauty of Indian culture, food, history, environment? Or do you perhaps think of air pollution, overpopulation and poverty faced by many Indians? India is definitely a place that produces mixed images for a large number of people. While there are, without any […]

Ending Orphanage Tourism in Kenya

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Orphanages have often been perceived as a safe haven for children that, due to several reasons such as poverty, war or natural disasters, their parents are unable to provide for them. However, such institutions on many occasions in fact exploit children to profit their organisations and the long-term effect that can have on children, specifically […]