Gambian Women Are Speaking Out About The Sexual Violence Of Ex-President Yahya Jammeh

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New evidence has revealed the former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s perpetration of serial sex abuse and predation on young women during his 22 year-long dictatorship. “And when I screamed that I was dying he said: “No, it’s fun”. And to people wondering why am I saying this so vividly and so loud it’s because it’s […]

Eliminating Sexual Violence and Safeguarding the Rights of the Most Vulnerable

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Background On June 19, 2008 resolution 1820 (2008) was adopted by the UN security council. The resolution condemned sexual violence as a tactic of war and an impediment to peace building. In efforts to commemorate this resolution, the UN general assembly declared, June 19 of each year the international day for the elimination of sexual […]

Disappearance of child in Benin

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Introduction Protecting children and realizing their rights are major challenges for African states. In addition to recurring issues like childhood marriage and excision, there is an increasing problem with child disappearances in countries like Benin.  How is the problem manifested and what are its causes?   Missing children in Benin: The psychosis and causes of […]

Harms of Ordinary Educational Violence in France

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Ordinary educational violence, or OEV, includes all abusive behaviour of adults when in a dominant position against a child. It encompasses blows, spanking, slapping, punishments, and physical and psychological humiliations. It also includes broken promises, blackmail, manipulation, absences… (OVEO, 2008). OEV has a detrimental effect on the development of the child. And, to a large […]