Afghan girls’ rights erased: the Taliban takeover aftermath

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Afghanistan is a country that boasts a rich culture and magnificent landscapes but that also is the land of people who have endured immense hardship. The Taliban’s return to power in 2021 has brought Afghanistan to the centre of human rights concerns. Economic crisis, poverty, famine, and children’s imperilled livelihoods form part of the takeover […]

The civil war in Sudan: a grave humanitarian crisis for children

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Sudan’s past tensions and turmoil resurfaces in April 2023, with a civil war raging between the Sudanese military and the paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces (‘RSF’). At the crossroads of tensions and violence are the Sudanese population and a particularly vulnerable group in the midst of war – its children. Toppling an existing humanitarian […]

Iran’s deliberate poisoning of schoolgirls

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Poisoning cases in Iranian schools have been a recurring problem, and the recent targeted chemical attacks against girls’ schools have made the situation even more dire. Since the initial incident of schoolgirls being poisoned in Qom in November 2022, there has been a concerning increase in similar incidents reported in schools throughout the state. The […]

The deportation and forcible transfer of Ukrainian children

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The current situation in Ukraine has sent the entire international community into a tizzy. Within more than a year, NGOs, UN bodies, and the international press were able to document an increasing number of violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law. One of the allegations that strongly resonates nowadays is the deportation and […]

An ethnic elimination in China: the abhorrent fate of the Uyghur children

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Continuously outcasted due to their ethnicity and religion, the Uyghurs are now being heavily monitored, forcibly detained, mistreated, tortured and persecuted on the simple account that they belong to a Muslim minority in China. One of the most vulnerable victims of China’s enacted ethnic violence is the Uyghur children. Separated from their families and relatives, […]

Tackling the issues of violence against children by their step-parents

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Child abuse is a pervasive global issue, with estimated millions of children experiencing abuse in their homes, schools, or communities. Research suggests that children living in stepfamilies are particularly vulnerable to violence due to the challenges of forming strong emotional bonds with non-biological family members. To prevent the severe physical and mental health consequences of […]

The Rohingya’s torment: thousands of children endangered in Myanmar and Bangladesh

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The Rohingyas are among the world’s most persecuted minorities. The long-standing discrimination and escalating brutality in Myanmar have been depriving the Rohingyas of the enjoyment of a humane and safe life, for decades. Those who are extremely vulnerable to such abuses are precisely the children from this minority group. Furthermore, the Rohingyas also face an […]

Silencing the scream: tackling the problem of yelling at children in parenting practices

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Yelling at children is a common but harmful practice in parenting that often leads to negative outcomes in children’s development. It is important to note that no culture or society explicitly approves of yelling at children as a parenting practice. Parents can model healthy coping strategies by managing their own emotions and teaching their children […]

National uprising in Iran – the alarming and deeply worrying treatment of the Iranian children

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The current regime in Iran enables a leader to possess absolute powers in the judicial, executive and legislative branches. For this reason, and despite Iran’s various obligations under international law and as a member of the United Nations, past and present protests are being met with the utmost maliciousness. This has led to various atrocities […]