Children’s Mental Wellbeing: A Global Public Health Challenge

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As stated by the World Health Organization, “mental health is more than the absence of mental disorders”; mental health is fundamental to health and overall wellbeing because “without mental health there is no health” (World Health Organization, 2018a). Mental health issues at a young age affect children and adolescents all around the world in all […]

Our Impact in India

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Emilie Compignie, in charge of Development, talks about the success of Humanium’s first projects in India, where she measured the impact almost 10 years after their launch.       Sankarapuram Sankarapuram was the first village that Humanium and Hand in Hand supported in Tamil Nadu in 2009.   The Child Learning Centre was then […]

Food: Undernourishment and malnutrition

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As everyone knows, human beings must eat. Children’s health and physical development depend heavily on their food, and the consequences of malnutrition in children can have irreversible effects on their health. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), more than 800 million people suffer from undernourishment [1]. Hunger is even […]

Tackling neglected diseases, the “partners of impoverishment”

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Although there have been many mind-boggling advances in medicine, much of the world’s population still lacks access to even basic healthcare. While this problem is most common in poorer nations, such as those in Africa, Asia and Latin America, it can also exist within certain sections of society in supposedly rich countries. Healthcare conditions that […]

Nutrition Day !

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Good nutrition plays an important role in brain development, growth, sexual development, and in preventing and controlling diseases. Childhood nutrition should be a balance between the high energy and nutrient content required for growth and development, and establishing a healthy diet which will not lead to obesity. The balance between these two aspects shifts over […]

International day of the girl

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Let’s hear it for the girls! Since 2012, the 11th of October has been celebrated as the International Day of the Girl. The aim: to raise global issues specifically related to girls. The global issues One in five adolescent girls around the world are denied an education by the daily realities of poverty, conflict and […]

Medicine and healthcare for young girls who are victims of trafficking and sexual violence in Guatemala

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Good physical and emotional health is essential to a young mother so she can raise her child in peace. Humanium supports a project led by the Alianza organisation in Guatemala City. Thanks to this project, women and their babies have access to healthcare.    In Guatemala, many young girls are still the victims of trafficking […]

World Water Day 2014 – Water and Energy

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March 22 has been World Water Day since 1993. This is an initiative of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). This conference adopted a resolution inviting the States to devote this World Water Day to “activities such as the promotion of public awareness through publications, broadcasting documentaries, organizing conferences, round tables, seminars […]

A handicapped child is above all else a child

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« When we see the handicap before we see the child, it not only affects the child in question, but also deprives society of what that child has to offer, » says UNICEF Director General Anthony Lake. Often marginalised by society and the victims of discrimination, handicapped children are prevented from flourishing and fully developing […]