The Situation of Children in Morocco: Between Progress and Challenges

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In May 2020, UNICEF Morocco released an update on the situation of children in Morocco. This report is not only interesting in terms of its content but also in terms of its structure. Although focused on Morocco, the advice can be applied to other contexts, as can the methodology used to analyse the situation. An […]

Latin America’s Water Pollution Crisis and its Effects on Children’s Health

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Contemporary environmental crises such climate change, soil and water pollution, and the wide-scale loss of biodiversity contribute to 26% of annual deaths for children aged 5 and under, which amounts to approximately 1.5 million deaths every year, and two-thirds of those deaths occur in the developing world (Ortega-Garcia, 2019). A large percentage of these deaths […]

Amazon Rainforest and Rights under Threat

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Amidst the global climate emergency, the Amazon rainforest is under imminent and intensifying threat. Unprecedented destruction of the rainforest since Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency is set to escalate even further this year, and with it the erosion of countless livelihoods and rights around the world. The global crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic has seen the underfunded […]

Social Distancing and Hand-Washing: A fantasy in a refugee camp?

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The impact of coronavirus on the living conditions of refugee children What’s happening – in numbers? Of the 71 million refugees across the world, more than 80% live in developing areas without basic health services, begging the question of how to keep refugees safe during a global pandemic (Wehrli, 2020). Indeed, these vulnerable groups were, […]

Indonesian Children at Risk of Air Pollution

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Clean air is an environmental right and every child has the right to enjoy a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. Therefore, every country must protect the environmental rights of its citizens, and Indonesia is one of the countries that has formally accepted the environmental rights norms. However, since Indonesia, particularly Jakarta, records some of the […]

Humanium Signs Joint-Statement to the UN on COVID-19 Response

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Humanium is proud to have joined forces with 84 other NGOs and organisations to release a statement calling on the United Nations (UN) to ensure that state responses to COVID-19 align with international human rights obligations, including those towards children. The joint-statement advocates for the respect of rights in national responses to pandemic and reminds […]

Issue of Adaptability Concerning Children with Disabilities

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In 1989, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child assured equal rights of children with disabilities. Calling on state parties to recognize this right, the UNCRC focused on the “conditions which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community.” Article 23 highlights the following: “States Parties recognize […]