Ivory Coast: The Education of Disabled Children

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In Ivory Coast, disabled children are especially vulnerable. Neglected by the state and relegated to the fringes of the community, their right to an education is completely disregarded.   Definition of Disabled The World Health Organization states: ‘The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) defines disability as an umbrella term for impairments, activity […]

Child Labour in Uganda

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Child Labour denies fundamental human rights such as the right to education, right to rest and leisure and free from the country’s unfair working conditions, such rights are imperative to the living standard of children are upheld by international conventions. The International Convention on Economic Social Cultural Rights (ICESCR) was ratified in 1987 and The […]

Has Child Labor Really Been Abandoned as a Practice in Uzbekistan?

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Despite the fact that Uzbekistan’s legal framework generally prohibits forced and child labor, there are indications that forced child labor in the state-controlled cotton fields has occurred in at least five locations in the country since 2015. Abusive labor system in country’s cotton industry Uzbekistan is one of the world’s largest cotton producers, but this […]

2016 Annual report

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In 2016, Humanium acted through a global network of individuals and partner organizations to ensure Children’s Rights worldwide. On a local level, new childhood aid projects were initiated with local partners in different countries such as India, Madagascar and Rwanda. On a larger scale, our online plateforme gives a clear understanding of Children’s Rights in […]

Disappearance of child in Benin

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Introduction Protecting children and realizing their rights are major challenges for African states. In addition to recurring issues like childhood marriage and excision, there is an increasing problem with child disappearances in countries like Benin.  How is the problem manifested and what are its causes?   Missing children in Benin: The psychosis and causes of […]

In Cameroon, child labour is a cultural norm

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The global community is demanding an end to an unacceptable practice in Cameroon. It is calling for the eradication of the worst forms of child exploitation, including work in slavery-like conditions, dangerous and exhausting work, and other extreme forms of exploitation. In its campaign against child labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has proposed, to […]

Remand Centres in France: Another chance for young offenders

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‘Closed Education Centres’ (CEF) are defined, in Article 33 of 2 February 1945’s ruling on young offenders, as centres where “minors are subject to measures of surveillance and control ensuring an educational and pedagogic programme which is individually adapted and reinforced”.  The United Nations Committee for the Rights of the Child sees these establishments, thought […]