“Kidfluencers” and Social Media: The Evolution of Child Exploitation in the Digital Age

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Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the corporate industry; the attention of the masses is just one easy, accessible click away (60 Minutes Australia, 2020). Personal media sources such as home videos have quickly become a lucrative market, which raises stern questions about the role of parents in safeguarding their children’s rights […]

Children in Border and Asylum Procedures: “The Best Interest of the Child” Principle in Migration

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Children in the displacement cycle experience the significant issues of invisibility in asylum procedures and the adult-focus of the migratory framework. In his research on “The Child in International Refugee Law”, Jason Pobjoy applies a three-folded principle of “the best interest of the child” to the context of migration – as an independent source of […]

Children in Border and Asylum Procedures: Invisibility and Adult-Focus

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Children in border and asylum procedure face two significant issues (Pobjoy, 2017). On one hand, a child is still considered invisible in migration procedures, and on the other, an adult-focused legal framework is applied to children in these procedures. These shortcomings place migrant children not only at risk of rejection and deportation without having their […]

Children’s Rights and Digital Technologies: Children’s Privacy in the Age of Social Media – The Perils of “Sharenting”

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In today’s globalized world, children often make their Internet debut before they are even born, usually appearing on their parents’ social media platforms as hazy ultrasound images (LaFrance, 2016). Though these children may become aware of their digital footprint and online identity at an early age, they remain powerless in asserting their rights, with parents […]

Post-Election Crisis in Guinea: The Child Victims of Politics

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October 18, 2020, marks the day of the Guinean elections. A day of upheaval and instability in a country already plagued by systemic insecurity linked to politics and, more specifically, to the candidacy of the current President of Guinea. Guinea today is marred by inter-ethnic tensions and the use of firearms against civilians.  In the […]

Protective Custody of Unaccompanied Child Migrants in Greece: A Long-Standing Practice is Coming to an End

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As announced on 18 November 2020 by Notis Mitarachi, Greek Migration and Asylum Minister, Greece is abolishing the long-standing scheme of protective custody of unaccompanied child migrants. This practice is not only endangering the physical and mental well-being of children, but it also violates international, European and Greek domestic law in relation to the rights […]

Child Marriage in the Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of Niger

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Child marriage is a serious violation of every child’s right to reach their independence and full potential. Approximately 650 million young girls are married before their 18th birthday (UNICEF, 2018). Nowadays, even though this practice has decreased in many countries, it is declining at a very modest rate in the sub-Saharan Africa, where child marriage […]

Humanium’s Legal Helpline – a Helping Hand to End Child Rights Violation

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Humanium is an international non-profit organization which was founded on November 20, 2008 with the objective to improve the well-being of children worldwide and to put an end to the violations many children face. One of the multifaceted services provided by Humanium is its legal Helpline which offers legal assistance precisely to the victims of […]

Slovenian Ambassador Speaks out on Environmental Rights

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Sabina Stadler Repnik, Ambassador of Slovenia and Permanent Representative of Slovenia to the United Nations Office and Other International Organisations in Geneva, has authored an insightful article on the importance of environmental rights for the future of our planet. Originally published by Humanium’s partner organisation, the Children’s Environmental Rights Initiative (CERI), the Ambassador’s article highlights […]

Humanium Joins Global Call for Right to a Healthy Environment

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Almost 1000 organisations have called on the nations of the world to recognise the international human right to a healthy environment for all. Humanium has participated in the extraordinary civil society call which we are proud to publish below. In September 2020, Humanium joined forces with almost 1000 civil society organisations to endorse a Joint […]