Veterinary Camps

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1’912 animals were treated in the last two veterinary camps in Azakusamudram, South-East India. In order to ensure the good health of livestock, and allow their proper growth, two veterinary camps have already been held at the Azakusamudram village, where Humanium supports a global project for sustainable development. The animals are a source of milk, […]

46 family businesses already established

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Women entrepreneurs are very active in the village of Azakusamudram in India, where Humanium operates. The microfinance program in place has already led to the creation of 46 family businesses during the first 6 months of the global project for supporting sustainable development in the village. These initial results are very encouraging because they demonstrate […]

Sankarapuram: a village of stonecutters

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Historically, the Indian village of Sankarapuram, where Humanium has been working, is the home of stonecutters. The villagers make traditional utensils used mainly for preparing food, and they also carve statuettes that they sell in tourist towns. A quarry, where the stonecutters get their raw materials, is located on a hill behind the village. Today, […]

Literacy Courses for Women

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More than 40 women have already benefited from adult literacy courses in the village of Annathur, in India. Women’s literacy is a serious issue in India, particularly in rural areas. 54% of women are illiterate, which means more than one in two women do not know how to read or write. Moreover, only two-thirds of […]

Helping one another : An entire programme for a better life with the women in India.

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The micro-finance programme developed by Humanium and its local partners in India builds on self- help and on the training of women’s groups in villages. Olivier Soret, founding president of Humanium, answers a few questions on women’s groups and self-help. What is the role of self-help in the development of villages where Humanium acts ? […]

Opening of a sewing training centre

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A new sewing training centre has opened in Annathur, in the South-East of India. Thanks to Humanium’s support, women learn skills which will allow them to find a job more easily in the local manufactures. Tamil Nadu is an Indian state famous for its silk saris manufactures. Local firms seek qualified workforce for the manufacture […]

Ranjitha : An Icon of Women Empowerment

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“I am Ranjitha, age 34, wife of a stonecutter residing at Sankarapuram village (India). Since I am a poor, I felt that I do not have any new hope for my life. But [the sustainable development project for the village of Sankarapuram] answered my unanswered questions.” “I became a member of Saraswathi self-help group working […]

New project in the village of Azakusamudram

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Humanium helps the villagers of Azakusamudram, in the Southeast of India, with a new global project centred on mutual aid and sustainable development. During 24 months, Humanium and its local partners are going to support the village of Azakusamudram by displaying 7 additional programs of support in Education, Health, Microfinance, Human Rights, Environment, Citizenship and […]

Jeeva : An Icon of Women Empowerment

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Jeeva, a 45 years old woman living in Sankarapuram, is a councellor of her village. Though she studied up to sixth class, she is empowered socially and economically through the intervention of the project development activities supported by Humanium in her village. Now, Jeeva is a member of Om Sakthi self-help group. She proudly says, […]