Climate Change

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by Dr. Helmut Welge, German qualified Lawyer and Treasurer of Humanium e.V. Germany   ”Climate change unites the world”. This is how the renowned German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ entitled its report on humanity’s greatest threat. The Washington Pew Research Center identified Climate Change as the principal menace human beings on all five continents (next […]

Our Impact in India

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Emilie Compignie, in charge of Development, talks about the success of Humanium’s first projects in India, where she measured the impact almost 10 years after their launch.       Sankarapuram Sankarapuram was the first village that Humanium and Hand in Hand supported in Tamil Nadu in 2009.   The Child Learning Centre was then […]

Humanium’s Child-Friendly Village Project

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Our Child-Friendly Village project aims to transform Perumbakkam by fostering a healthy environment conducive to children’s physical, mental and intellectual development. Our project is located in Tamil Nadu in southern India. The population in this region especially suffers from poverty, malnutrition, limited access to medical care, drinking water and the lack of healthcare. Traditional agriculture […]

World Water Day 2014 – Water and Energy

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March 22 has been World Water Day since 1993. This is an initiative of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). This conference adopted a resolution inviting the States to devote this World Water Day to “activities such as the promotion of public awareness through publications, broadcasting documentaries, organizing conferences, round tables, seminars […]

Another victory in the village of Azakusamudram!

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In Azakusamudram, a project for improving the living conditions of the villagers is coming to a close. It has taken two years to achieve the desired objectives and bring about real transformations. The project was a great success! This project addressed the needs of the Azakusamudram villagers by working on the major problems encountered by […]

Humanium helps the children of Keelpasar village in India

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Humanium is acting in response to the Keelpasar residents’ appeal where the residents face daily struggle to access basic healthcare, education, and necessities for their families and children.   A happy childhood is impossible because of the lack of regular family income, which forces children to work in order to survive. Access to basic health […]

Sustainable Waste Management in Indian villages

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In India, tons of trash are left uncollected each year and end up in dumps that pollute the environment around the villages. The accumulation of this trash means production of lots of methane gas, which causes a greenhouse effect 21 times stronger than ‘CO2’. However, the trash represents a source of revenue for many Indians, who […]