In India, our School Frees 80 Children From Forced Labour. Support Us!

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10 million children in India forced to work 10 million children aged five to fourteen are currently working in India. This situation affects their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Children in rural areas are more vulnerable than children of the same age in cities. The situation is even worse for the children of indigenous tribes […]

The under-education of girls in Cameroon

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“Education must once again become one of the cornerstone values of our world, it must once again flourish, it must be instilled as a force of happiness, fulfilment and hope.” Nelson Mandela, 1996 In Africa, and specifically in the northern region of Cameroon, under-enrollment and dropping out are significant problems that impede the achievement of […]

Roma children in France

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Roma children in France: poor children in a rich country Arriving from Eastern Europe, particularly from Romania and Bulgaria, there are almost 15,000 Roma children in France living principally in slums outside cities. Living on the margins of society, the Roma, and especially their children, encounter major difficulties assimilating and gaining access to the educational system. The […]

Helping Children with Disabilities in Bulgaria

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We hope to carry out our projects in Bulgaria by appropriately training social therapists of children and young adults with disabilities.  In 2014, Humanium decided to support one of the Cedar Foundation’s projects which aimed to ensure social therapists received the complex and modern training needed for working with children with disabilities. Many institutions in […]

Vijayakanth can finish his studies

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Vijayakanth comes from the village of Rajampet in India.  He did not attend school for many years and could not make up what he missed in public school. He was enrolled in a bridge school specially adapted to allow him to pass his certificate of secondary studies and enroll in a polytechnic program in school. […]